UK-Based EdTech Launches Business Management Programme in India


Zoom Abroad Education Academy offers students the chance to finish their final year in the UK

Today, the UK-based EdTech company Zoom Abroad Education Academy announced the opening of its 2 plus 1 program in India. With the help of Zoom Abroad’s hybrid courses, international students can use this credit transfer programme to gain direct admission to the final year of undergraduate programs at UK universities.

With the help of this course, every student will be able to afford, access, and easily choose an international education. A traditional 3-year degree at a UK university costs 40% more than the program’s offer of a UK degree qualification. Additionally, Zoom Abroad Education Academy will offer a private counselor, course advice, profile building, alumni mentorship, help with paperwork, financial aid, and visa requirements. Additionally, the program offers free 2-week internships for students in Singapore and Dubai. The Zoom Abroad Education Academy was launched in India by Mr. Bill Rammell, a former UK higher education minister, and vice-chancellor.

He said, “Zoom Abroad Academy is driven by a passionate desire to widen access for Indian students to UK Universities, making it more affordable and achievable for those students currently excluded by cost and distance. For many more Indian students, our 2 plus 1 program opens the door to opportunity and career development by allowing them to enroll in UK higher education at a 40% discount from the standard price. Direct access to our 2 plus 1 program is available through a partnership with one of our Indian college or university partners on a blended basis. More Indian students will now have access to UK universities, which is advantageous for both the student and the society and economy of India.

The same benefits as students studying in the UK are available to students who are a part of this program, including a post-study work visa for good two years. With some of the best universities in the world and a broad range of study options, the UK is the second-most popular country for international students after the United States. The renowned educational system in the UK can transform lives by providing students with degrees of the highest caliber to aid in their preparation and career success.

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