After Twitter 2.0 Tease, Elon Musk is Ready to Hire Ace Techies


Twitter 2.0: Musk says top software minds will join

Elon Musk unveiled Twitter 2.0, The Everything App claiming that new user signups are at an all-time high and that the company is now actively recruiting. Musk, who fired more than half of Twitter employees, claimed that “world-class software aces are joining Twitter.

The world’s richest man, while sharing some company slides with Twitter employees, stated that the next-generation Twitter will focus on advertising as entertainment and video. “We’re looking for people. User active minutes are at an all-time high, and the number of monetizable daily active users (mDAUs) has surpassed a quarter-billion “Musk was informed. “Hate speech impressions are lower,” he added, “and reported impersonation spiked and then fell.” Musk will now bring encrypted direct messages (DMs) and long-form tweets to Twitter after relaunching Twitter ‘Verified’ with a Blue badge for $8.

He stated that the goal is to create a “trusted digital town square where people can express themselves freely as long as they don’t break the law or spam.” “Any incitement to violence, for example, will result in account suspension,” he stated emphatically. Musk previously stated that he had reinstated former US President Donald Trump to the platform because Trump had not broken any laws and the microblogging platform “must be fair to all.” Based on a poll, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced on November 20 that former US President Donald Trump could rejoin the microblogging platform.

The new Twitter CEO announced that he has begun recruiting for his Twitter 2.0, The Everything App. Musk responded to one of the tweets by saying that “world-class software aces are joining Twitter.” Thousands of software engineers voluntarily left Twitter following Musk’s “ultimatum” email in which he asked employees to click YES if they are ready for a “hardcore” work culture. Many software engineers did not press the YES button and instead chose to leave the company with severance pay. Musk began asking the remaining employees with coding knowledge to meet him after nearly 1200 software engineers left. During a recent meeting, Musk stated that “significant portions of the technology stack must be rebuilt from scratch.” At one point, he suggested, “somewhat decentralizing things by establishing engineering teams in Japan, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.” Twitter’s human resources team is said to be actively recruiting for engineering and sales positions around the world.

Musk also stated that Twitter’s user active minutes have reached an all-time high and that the company’s “monetizable daily active users (mDAUs) have surpassed the quarter-billion mark.” He also claimed that “hate speech impressions have decreased, and reported impersonation has spiked and then fallen.” Twitter’s CEO also stated that new user signups are at an “all-time high.”

Musk also revealed that Twitter 2.0 will place a greater emphasis on video and advertising as entertainment. Other features that Twitter users will see very soon include encrypted direct messages, long-form tweets, the relaunch of Blue verified, and payments. Twitter recently recalled Blue verification, which had been rolled out to a small number of users. Musk is expected to relaunch the Blue verification officially on December 2.

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