Amazon Layoffs Continue! Employees at All Levels to be Affected


Amazon plans to lay off 20,000 workers, including top executives

Amazon is expected to lay off twice as many employees as it previously confirmed. Amazon plans to lay off up to 20,000 employees worldwide in the coming months. The company ranks employees from level 1 to level 7, and employees at all levels are likely to be affected.In mid-November that Amazon would fire employees following the layoffs of tech titans such as Meta and Twitter. Company managers were recently instructed to identify work performance issues among employees. If Amazon layoffs 20,000 employees, it would represent approximately 6% of its corporate staff and approximately 1.3% of Amazon’s 1.5 million-strong workforce, which includes global distribution centers and hourly workers. Employees who are affected will be given a 24-hour notice and severance pay in accordance with their company contracts.

Large-scale layoffs in the technology industry have been in the news recently. Since the beginning of 2022, the tech sector has been experiencing severe economic and financial downturns. The largest tech layoffs in 2022 occurred at well-known companies such as Twitter, Meta, and Alphabet! However, the overall number of layoffs in the computer industry remains very low; indeed, economists and business experts argue that recent layoffs do not reflect trends in the larger workforce.

Nonetheless, because layoffs are taking place at well-known corporations that have received extensive media coverage, the industry has been debating them in great detail. One of the most visible layoffs was made by Amazon. The most significant reductions in employment numbers were caused by Amazon layoffs, which were preceded by those of other internet behemoths due to uncertain economic conditions, poor advertising results, and a bleak outlook for 2023. Amazon recently announced the layoff of 10,000 employees. The e-commerce tech giant will lay off over 45,000 major tech employees. Amazon’s layoffs in 2022 will be the largest since the company’s inception, accounting for nearly 3% of its corporate workforce.

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