Top 10 Confidential Computing Companies to Follow in 2023

Top 10 Confidential Computing-Companies

Top 10 cool confidential computing you should know about and help your business

Using a cloud computing technology known as confidential computing, data processing can be isolated within a secure central processing unit (CPU). The data of the CPU and the techniques used to process this data are contained within the CPU’s environment. As a result of cloud computing, there are now more security risks. 

By utilizing the cloud, confidential computing addresses additional IT security concerns. Confidential computing encrypts business data by running it in secure enclaves that isolate data and code, preventing unauthorized access even if the infrastructure is compromised. This means that businesses can deploy critical apps on public clouds or other hosted environments without fear of data security.



Fortanix’s goal is to help with cloud security and privacy issues. Fortanix enables users to execute even the most critical applications more securely without relying on the cloud. Fortanix’s Runtime Encryption technology, which is based on Intel SGX, provides distinct deterministic security by encrypting apps and data at rest, in motion, and while in use. Fortanix, which also powers IBM Data Shield and Equinix SmartKey, protects Global F100 customers. HSM-as-a-service. Fortanix, a Gartner Cool Vendor based in Mountain View, California, is backed by venture capital.

Secret Computing, an Inpher-developed cryptography technology, enables advanced analytics and machine learning models while maintaining data privacy, security, and distributed nature. As data-driven businesses and pervasive AI consume more information, access to valuable data sources is becoming more difficult due to growing corporate and sovereign data privacy, security, and compliance regulations. Data scientists can use Inpher’s Secret Computing® products to compliantly, securely, and privately compute on dispersed data without ever moving or exposing the data. by means of venture capital



Profian, a security company, provides goods and services in the Confidential Computing industry. The company is committed to open-source software, and its products are based on the open-source project Enarx, which employs WebAssembly, a portable run-time binary format supported by all major hardware platforms and currently being standardized by the W3C. As new platforms such as AMD SEV and the Arm Confidential Compute Architecture (Arm CCA), as well as the IBM Power Series PEF, is released, Profian enables businesses to deploy their existing cloud-native applications across these platforms without redesigning or recompiling them. Intel SGX and AMD SEV are two existing platforms.


4.Super Protocol

Super Protocol has developed a universal decentralized protocol for distributed confidential computing using the most recent advancements in blockchain and TEE.” Within the Web3 community, Super Protocol offers an alternative to established cloud service providers and allows anyone to contribute to the development of cutting-edge technologies for the future Internet.


5.Secretarium  LTD

Secretarium secure cloud technology protects data during processing by utilizing a unique combination of secure hardware and cryptography. It is powering a new generation of privacy-respecting products that maintain data owners’ control over their data, secure sensitive data, and enable secure data collaboration.



Decentriq was founded to address the issues that many businesses are currently experiencing with data sharing and collaboration. Anyone, internal or external, can work with our platform’s most sensitive data without fear of being exposed. This is made possible by our secret computing-based underpinning technology, which ensures that all data transferred is completely safe and encrypted from start to finish. 


7.IBM Cloud

While it’s great to see vendors working together on important new technologies, IBM was developing and delivering secure computing solutions and services long before the group effort was announced. Rohit Badlaney, Vice-President of IBM Z Hybrid Cloud, and Hillary Hunter, Vice-President and CTO of IBM Cloud, discuss those efforts, as well as recent advances, in detail in a company blog. The pair noted, for example, that the company announced its first confidential computing capabilities in March 2018 at its annual Think conference with the launch of Hyper Protect Services.


8.Microsoft Azure

Since 2013, Microsoft has been working on confidential computing. Azure Confidential Computing, which has been in development for seven years, addresses a lingering weakness in data processing systems that hackers and malware coders can exploit to breach private data. Although organizations can use encryption to protect data at rest and in transit, as well as a variety of other security tools and controls, those safeguards are removed when the data is processed and computational tasks are performed on it.


9.Google Cloud 

Google has been working on an open-source project called Asylo, which provides a software development framework for integrating the core concepts of secure computing. The name Asylo is derived from the Greek word for “safe space” or “sanctuary.” Google Cloud claims Asylo, which simplifies the implementation of confidential computing.



Arm’s vision for next-generation infrastructure necessitates complete edge-to-cloud security for protecting and managing data across a trillion connected devices. “Arm is already heavily involved in helping to develop the charter of the Confidential Compute Consortium, and we see our participation in the new Open Enclave SDK as a critical collaboration with the rest of the industry in making TEEs easy to deploy,” Grisenthwaite said.

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