Simplilearn on a Mission to train 42K freshers for Recruitment


42,000 freshmen are hired by Simplilearn, which also assists businesses in preparing them for the workforce.

Many businesses are having trouble educating their new hires as a result of the pandemic-driven digital revolution. Companies are investing a lot of time and money in the training of both new and existing staff due to the increase in digitization. They are currently outsourcing the learning and development (L&D) process to outside businesses due to quickly changing technologies and a lack of training expertise.

In response to the demand for customized onboarding training programs in businesses, Kashyap Dalal, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of Simplilearn, stated that the goal for all firms today is to accelerate the process of having their New Hires productive and job-ready. Although recent graduates have the necessary aptitude for the positions and theoretical understanding, they still need a rigorous program to assist them to develop the precise practical skills and knowledge of tools and processes that would make them job-ready. They serve as a link and assist businesses in fostering recruits’ improved and quicker production. Companies are increasingly using remote onboarding training programs for new hires. Since the epidemic, businesses want technologies that can support live, online classroom interactions. These solutions need to be creative and tailored specifically for the business because L&D priorities are shifting. The B2B services provided by Simplilearn are useful in this situation. Effective Onboard Digital Economy Skills from Simplilearn Onboarding new hires and assisting in the success and expansion of the business are the main goals of training. An online training module featuring a live, interactive, and outcome-oriented learning method has been created by Simplilearn. Large corporations hire a lot of new employees each year for their various departments from a variety of areas. The recruits must learn the skills required for the particular function even though they are educated in their respective professions. To prepare new hires for the position, Simplilearn offers onboarding skills training programs that are tailored to the organization and the function of the hire. The applications of on-the-job systems, interactive sessions to comprehend the daily grind of the function, and the development of the necessary abilities are all part of this practical learning approach. Through its campus-to-hire initiative, Simplilearn meets the rising need for candidate training from corporations on a broad scale. Simplilearn provides the whole program of skills training to the entire group of new employees when a company hires multiple hopefuls. Before they join the company, it helps them become job-ready. Its bespoke programs, which are specially created to meet the systems of the specific organization, train the personnel to exactly fit the company and their tasks. Previously, businesses were able to train their staff members through internal divisions. Today, nevertheless, it is far too troublesome since businesses have a variety of needs, such as the need for short-term programs or, more often than not, a company’s varied and unheard-of technological advancement, which results in a serious lack of current training materials and knowledge. As a result, corporations resort to Simplilearn or another third party to train their staff, particularly those who have just started. As training partners, Simplilearn offers live lectures, interactive discussions with subject matter experts, and hands-on use of the systems of the relevant companies. Potential employees benefit from a distinctive, successful, and successful session thanks to the precision with which Simplilearn creates its programs to suit the firm. Every year, firms struggle to keep up with the rapid rate of technological change when it comes to training new personnel with the most recent tools. Even those businesses that have the resources to launch an internal training program tend not to do so since, aside from their daily operations, training is just not their area of expertise. With its cutting-edge technical training materials and knowledgeable staff, Simplilearn employs a perfectly suited and affordable curriculum.

Training is essential in a time of quickly evolving technology, daily skill updating, and continuous learning. Simplilearn handles ironing out the creases in the relationship between a new employee and the organization through training in such circumstances since onboarding is such a huge and remarkable responsibility for a company. The only thing businesses need to do is get workers ready for the job.

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