AmazeWIT Circles: The New Venture of Amazon India for Women

Amazon technology executives curate “AmazeWIT Circles” for seasoned software development engineers.

To reaffirm its commitment to empowering women in technology and giving them worthwhile employment options, Amazon India has introduced “AmazeWIT Circles.” The “AmazeWIT Circles” is a networking event specifically designed to educate women and prepare them for careers in technology.

The “AmazeWIT Circles” are designed for seasoned Software Development Engineers and are guided by Amazon technology executives who discuss issues important to ongoing career development and technological advancement. A cohort-based connection called “AmazeWIT Circles” assists women in developing their abilities and addressing issues that affect working women. The “AmazeWIT Circles” program comprises leadership seminars led by women leaders and technical Amazon specialists. The course focuses on a variety of subjects, including algorithms, coding, and data structures.

Women will look up to and emulate Amazonians in their professional lives.

Amazon India has introduced “AmazeWIT Circles,” a dedicated networking event to train females and make them business ready for careers in technology, to reaffirm its commitment to upskilling and providing major employment opportunities to women in the technological field. The “AmazeWIT Circles” are designed for experienced Software Development Engineers and are facilitated by Amazon technology experts who discuss topics pertaining to ongoing professional development and technological advancement. 50 female participants from cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Pune will work together in a half-day-long digital event. AmazeWIT Circles is a cohort-based business or organization that aids girls in honing their skills and overcoming the obstacles faced by working girls. This system focuses on topics like information architecture, coding, and algorithms, and includes management sessions from Amazon technical professionals and female executives. Along with this, women can also get an opportunity to learn about Amazon culture and ask established female Amazonians for advice on essential management skills they can use to advance their careers. Deepti Varma is the Vice President of People and Expertise. Technology (PXT), Amazon Shops India & Emerging Markets, states that “At Amazon, we’re committed to nurturing expertise (Both Inner and Exterior) and helping people find important career opportunities. We constantly strive to have a positive impact on society by doing this. Despite the fact that there are more and more women in tech-related fields today, their numbers are still substantially lower due to a lack of mentorship and exposure. AmazeWIT Circles, a unique networking and educational opportunity for women in the technology sector to connect, interact, and educate themselves, is being launched, and I’m delighted about it. Even pace mentorship can help students understand what to expect from a career in technology. Through AmazeWIT Circles, we aim to expand the pool of women with technical skills in India.”

Software developer Pradeepa says, “Attending the seminar helped me discover the various options we as females in tech have at our disposal. It was encouraging to hear from female IT leaders and executives about the obstacles they have faced and how they have learned to handle them or the best way to observe them. The experience taught me how to compete and prevail in the quickly evolving technology race with the aid of subsequent mentoring and guidance. I think this event will dispel many women’s doubts or hesitations and help us better approach and resolve challenges in the real world.”

Recognizing that learning is a process, the half-day event also includes planned follow-up contacts for participants with seasoned Amazonians on specific technical issues. AmazeWIT Circles will inspire women to follow their professional goals and build successful careers across the wide range of professions the technology sector has to offer, expanding the pool of female talent in the industry for tech India Inc. Amazon India is committed to attracting and developing women’s expertise at all levels, and they have made a number of interventions to support this goal, such as hiring women in senior management positions (Sunshine), hiring women who have taken a career break to restart their careers in business, and creating women’s expertise internally to create a strong management pipeline (Pinnacle).

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