Addiction of Likes & Shares is Like a Dopamine Hit says, Nithin Kamath


Social media likes and shares are addictive and take a long time to find balance.

In the 2020 pandemic, billionaire Nithin Kamath and his entrepreneur-brother Nikhil became the Forbes India Rich List’s youngest new entrants. The elder Kamath brother has become an online sensation with his insightful takes on the stock market and fitness, from keeping his bootstrapped start-up afloat during uncertain times to making it a success. Sharing his thoughts on social media, the Zerodha founder and CEO stated that the platforms can make people addicted to more likes and shares over time.

The 43-year-old described it as a social media addiction dopamine hit and stated that one of the most difficult tasks in his life has been to build an audience without becoming consumed by social media. Not getting consumed by social media while trying to build an audience has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life; the dopamine hit from likes & shares is extremely addictive, and social media platforms have done an amazing job of engineering us to feel this way.

His tweet was a subtle hint to his ‘extremely-smart friend,’ who hasn’t been able to ace the social media game lately. The new-age entrepreneur stated in his two-part tweet that he wanted to emphasize the importance of quality content. To keep in check the need to say something even when there isn’t. Fans and industry colleagues flooded Kamath’s comments section, asking what he was referring to.

Even the CEO and co-founder of, Abid Hassan, tweeted to see if anyone knew who Kamath was referring to. When Hassan’s name appeared in the comments section, he quickly clarified that Kamath’s tweet was mostly about Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, who recently acquired Twitter. “I don’t think I’m very smart,”. “I think he’s talking about Elon Bhai, who is completely consumed by social media.”

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