Twitter Launches “Blue for Business” Verification Badge


Twitter Introduces ‘Blue For Business,’ With A Square Company Badge, here’s the full story

Twitter Blue was relaunched along with “Blue for Business” a few weeks ago. Twitter Business has been given a gold checkmark. Twitter, in addition to Blue for Business, provided an additional badge to assist businesses in identifying their people and brands.

Esther Crawford of Twitter took to the platform to announce the launch of a Blue for Business pilot program with select businesses. Select profiles that use Twitter Blue for Business now have a golden square badge next to their display name. Twitter has launched its Blue for Business subscription, which allows users to differentiate between companies and important individuals. Subscribers to Twitter Blue for Business will see a square company badge and a golden checkmark. On their profiles, people associated with the brand will also see a square company badge and a blue check mark. A new program that allows businesses to distinguish their brands and key employees on Twitter.

“These accounts’ display names will be accompanied by a square company badge”, in a tweet, Twitter Business stated. The company also stated that the project is currently being piloted for a small number of businesses, but that it plans to expand the program next year. According to the microblogging platform’s press release, any number of individuals or brands can be linked to the account of a company that has subscribed to Twitter Blue for Business. On the profiles of all associated accounts, a blue check mark and a small company badge will appear. Twitter already uses Twitter Blue for business on its own accounts.

By establishing this link, we enable businesses to establish networks within their own organizations on Twitter. Businesses can link their leaders, brands, customer service representatives, employees, or teams. Journalists, athletes, and movie characters can all be affiliated. “You name it, we have it”, Twitter went on to say “It should be noted that each affiliate will be verified and officially linked to their parent handle based on a list provided by the parent company in accordance with the social media company’s guidelines.”

The company also stated that they intend to assist businesses and their affiliates in making the most of Twitter. “This is an incredible opportunity for businesses to further integrate their affiliated individuals, businesses, and brands into Twitter’s DNA,” they concluded.

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