Top Most Influential Women Entrepreneurs to Look Up to in 2022.

Top Most Influential Women Entrepreneurs to Look Up to in 2022.

Many prominent women entrepreneurs inspire newcomers in starting their ventures.

Building a business is challenging. But every business person has to begin somewhere.To develop a successful firm, there is no magic formula. The corporate world, however, is also free of bias. These Indian women business owners are living proof of that.

  1. ShreyaseeKonar has been named one of Asia’s Top 100 Influential Women. Creación, a global online exhibition open to all artists regardless of the extent of media attention they got, was founded by her. Shreyas just joined the Indian Women’s History Museum as an honorary member. She hopes to expand in her areas of strength in 2022 and work with innovative brands.
  2. Hope Zvara is the CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga, and her goal is to transform the health and fitness trajectory of 1 million truckers by the year 2031. During a global epidemic, she developed STIFF Mother Trucker pain relief ointment, which Love’s Country Travel stores across the country picked up to sell to drivers.
  3. The Director and co-founder of RENÉE Cosmetics is AashkaGoradia Goble. She is one of India’s leading innovators in the beauty industry, and awards like Femina Power Brand, CNBC Most Trusted Brand, and ET Women Entrepreneur Award have recognized her entrepreneurial flair. Renee Cosmetics currently offers its goods through all major online platforms and more than 500 physical outlets across the nation.
  4. Ankita Gaba co-founded Social Samosa. The social media agency offers professional, knowledgeable, and hands-on services to business owners. They offer incisive analysis and thorough research on many firms, enabling decision-making. Additionally, they provide training for businesses, provide a range of social media tools, and host several social media conferences, seminars, and events. Nowadays, social media is the lifeblood of businesses, and its platform offers essential information about what’s happening locally.
  5. A real-life incident motivated Ms. Sonakshi Nathanito to develop “Bikayi”, which was successful in less than a year. Through extensive Bharat data, Sonakshi introduced companies to e-commerce using WhatsApp. By lowering the hurdles to starting an internet business, Bikayi is enabling local retailers to generate sustainable income and become microentrepreneurs. The businesswoman aims to use her platform to address the problem that the COVID lockout has brought about for these small businesses and merchants.

Singing Hypnotherapy was founded by Jae Ann Millanes. She is renowned for her capacity to employ hypnotherapy as a means of assisting singers who wish to succeed in their musical careers but lack the confidence to teach them proper singing techniquessoothingly and comfortably. Jae Ann has selected a comprehensive approach to teaching self-expression through singing that has long-lasting impacts by incorporating yoga, meditation, chanting, and breathing techniques.

  1. The owner and founder of high-end online beauty supplies retailer Alter Beauty Ego, LLC, is Alexis Boston-Harris. As a trained extension specialist, licensed cosmetologist, and beauty consultant with over ten years of experience, Alexis provides a wealth of knowledge to the field. She came up with a practical solution that allowed her customers to build their social masks without having to visit the salon and wait for hours on end.
  2. The largest international incubation program in India, Indiarath, was co-founded by Ms. Arjita Sethi, who is also a consultant for Startup India. Indiarath is a company that develops materials and tools for Indian business owners to launch successful enterprises, empowering Grassroots entrepreneurs. With her Silicon Valley firm, Future Founders School, Arjita, is addressing the needs of aspiring immigrants. Additionally, she is the founder and CEO of Equally, a global platform that piques kids’ interests.
  3. Aditi Gupta is an Indian social entrepreneur who co-founded the comic book Menstrupedia and is also an author. She decided to clear up the rumors and falsehoods around menstruation. More than 110,000 female students in 14 languages are currently benefiting from the use of Menstrupedia in more than 6,000 institutions throughout the world.
  4. Acko Insurance was founded by Ruchi Deepak. Ruchi has been advising clients on some of the most complex financing, exits, IPOs, and strategic matters across industries for the past 11 years of her career.

These ladies have demonstrated that there are no “magic pills” that can catapult you into a successful entrepreneurial career. Their entrepreneurial success stories have given newcomers a lot to appreciate and be motivated by today.

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