How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Home Service Businesses in 2022


Here we have 10 different ways Artificial Intelligence can be used in the home service businesses

AI technology is already being used in home devices such as voice-controlled assistants and monitoring systems. AI technology is being used to improve everyday home services businesses and household appliances in order to make our lives easier and, in some cases, saving us money. Here are ten different home service businesses and household devices that use Artificial Intelligence.

1. Home Robot

These are small AI robots designed to entertain children and patrol the home. The robots use AI technology to recognise objects and people while performing tasks. Home robots must monitor the temperature, take photos, read books, listen to music, and make lists. Because of the games that they provide, the robots are primarily purchased to assist children.

2. Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras that use AI technology differ from standard cameras in that they can recognize faces. This is a useful security innovation because it allows homeowners to see who has broken into their homes and when. The cameras are used not only to detect burglars but also to detect when packages arrive and family members return home.

3. Artificial Intelligence Television

Some new televisions have virtual assistant technology similar to home devices, which can be used to replace a remote controller. Users can use this innovation to voice control their television, eliminating the need for remote control. This type of innovation improves the user experience and saves time when watching television.

4. Smart Home Appliances

These home devices employ artificial intelligence techniques to respond to questions, complete tasks and interact with humans. Amazon’s Echo Dot is the most popular home device; these devices can be paired with lights, thermostats, and speakers, which are then voice-controlled via voice recognition. Smart home devices can also be used in place of other internet devices, allowing homeowners to search without having to pull out their smartphones.

5. Intelligent Locks

The smart lock is a relatively new security innovation. Unlike traditional house locks, this one is linked to a smartphone and uses AI technology to detect when the lock is tampered with. Users can grant or revoke access to the digital key using the application; unlike a standard house key, this cannot be stolen or copied.

6. Wi-Fi Thermostat and Meter

Customers can use these AI systems to break down and analyze their energy and gas consumption. This reduces the amount of wasted energy, saving customers money while also benefiting the environment. Some of these energy metres can determine where the best location for a solar panel is.

7. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Artificial Intelligence is used to power technological advancements in robot vacuum cleaners. These devices can be programmed to perform cleaning tasks and navigate around the house. The vacuum cleaners require little to no assistance, and some models can empty themselves.

8. Cooking with AI

Smart appliances are already making their way into the kitchens of ordinary people. These new AI appliances, such as coffee machines, are primarily used to create food and drinks at specific times. Some AI Smart Fridges have the ability to determine whether or not food is safe to eat, as well as to suggest recipes based on the food in the fridge. Robotic food arms are being used to help people with disabilities with meal preparation.

9. Mirror for Fitness

Mirrors that use AI technology can monitor users’ health in real time, and health care professionals can access this data to assess patients’ risk of injury or disease. This type of technology could relieve pressure on hospitals and doctors while allowing them to more closely monitor patients. These mirrors are also extremely useful for fitness purposes because they can record exercise and movement and provide personalised feedback and suggestions.

10. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality gaming is gaining huge popularity. These games are typically played with a headset. This technology employs artificial intelligence software to simulate real or imaginedenvironments. Virtual reality technology is used not only for gaming but also for education.

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