The ‘Queen of Shitty Robots’ CreatesTrucklafrom Tesla And it is Amazing

The 'Queen of Shitty Robots' CreatesTrucklafrom Tesla And it is Amazing

The “queen of bad robots” on YouTube converted her Tesla into a pickup truck, which she dubbed the “Truckla.”

Giertz has been the self-described “Queen of Shitty Robots” for the majority of her career as an inventor and content producer. She amassed a following on YouTube with inventions that were never intended to be anything more than a joke. Each one was as absurd as the one before it: a helmet that randomly brushes your teeth; an alarm clock that jerks you awake; and a drone that cuts your hair with deadly inaccuracy. The inventorYouTuber is infamous for building useless robots that randomly attempt to apply lipstick or knock people awake. But her most recent build was a major project.

Giertz was identified as having a noncancerous meningioma in 2018. The tumor’s partial removal by doctors was unsuccessful, and what was left of it regrew after a year. Giertz came to the conclusion that she didn’t want to waste time on futile endeavors after enduring the hardship of surgery, radiation treatment, and even just facing her own mortality. Instead, she desired to fulfill her true aspiration of becoming a product designer. A light-up calendar, a chair for dogs that want to sit by you while you work, an adjustable table with a secret compartment for jigsaw puzzles, and more inventions by Giertz help people stay on top of their daily tasks. Her conversion of a Tesla into a pickup truck, known as the “Truckla,” is without a doubt her most ambitious “thoughtful” endeavor to date. Giertz just opened her online business, the Yetch store, where she sells useful creations with a dash of comedy. In Giertz’s episode of Creative Control, she delves further into her decision to steer clear of bad robots, her modest plans to rule the world of product design with the Yetch store, the reasons behind her consideration of selling the “Truckla,” her most well-known creation to date, and other topics.  Giertz, a Swedish woman, claims that ever since she received her US driver’s license a few years ago, the electric pickup truck has been a dream of hers. An official version has been in the works thanks to Elon Musk: Although the Tesla CEO isn’t big on timelines, he previously stated that the “cyberpunk truck” will make its official appearance “probably sometime near the end of summer.” Giertz chose not to hold back. Going out and making the thing before CEO Elon Musk manages to simply be the pinnacle of subtweeting if there ever was one. Giertz began sketching out the design of a Model 3 converted into a pickup truck around this time last year in collaboration with engineer friend Marcos Ramirez. Rich Rebuilds and Laura Kampf, two other YouTubers, also participated. In exchange for “high fives and food,” other friends and family members contributed to the endeavor, according to Giertz. She really benefited from the collaborations and assistance of many people, which made her innovation a huge success. Truckla’s first launch target was set for the fall of 2018. Because the battery adds structural strength, according to Giertz, the EV provided for a simpler conversion than an automobile driven by an internal combustion engine. The truck’s beams at the top needed to be strengthened in order for the crew to ensure its structural integrity. She intends to waterproof the battery pack even further to keep it safe. She adds that the Truckla will be completely operational by July. Without a doubt, this example of inventive problem-solving and excellent teamwork has already made a significant and loud impression on the media as well as in the product design sector. TechCrunch stated that the finished result looks amazing — both in terms of the detailed work and in terms of its usefulness, or maybe even better than the sci-fi horror CEO Elon Musk is designing for the genuine Tesla truck. She also urged anyone who wants to get involved in the project and lives in the California area to email the team because she needs more collaborations for the remaining portions of the project. “Thanks again to everybody who helped make this happen,” she said. “Also, tweet at me, Elon. I’ll give you a ride in Truckla,” she added.

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