Forget Humans, This Avatar is The Chief Metaverse Officer Of Publicis

Forget Humans, This Avatar is The Chief Metaverse Officer Of Publicis

An avatar is appointed by Publicis as its Chief Metaverse Officer which helps clients to navigate the new Web3 realm.

A large French firm that specializes in public relations and advertising is the Publicis Groupe. Its headquarters are in Paris, and it ranks among the world’s oldest and most profitable marketing and communications firms. Everyone is eager to enter the Metaverse at the moment, but many firms and their advertising agency counterparts are unsure of the right course of action. For Publicis Groupe, it was obvious that the first step was to establish leadership by selecting its first-ever Chief Metaverse Officer.

A new interface has been introduced by Publicis Groupe France to further assist its clients in comprehending, utilizing, and creating Web3 strategies.  Leon (the lion) is remarkably similar to Publicis’ lion-themed company logo. The Web3 avatar was developed by Publicis Conseil in France, and he has a French accent to honor the origins of one of the biggest holding companies for advertising.”A novel interface to help its clients understand, explore, and develop Web3 strategies,” is how Leon Avatar is characterized.

Leon is the avatar portraying the Chief Metaverse Officer and will serve as the interface to:

  • Accompany customers and offer advice on how to maneuver through and attack the meta jungle using tactics specific to their industry
  • With the assistance of the appropriate knowledge and teams at Groupe, serve as a mentor to the workforce
  • Display the best Web3 usages from our clients and across Groupe

Leon’s job is to guide clients and customers through the meta-jungle and offer advice on how to do so using tactics specific to their industry. Leon has worked with Publicis Conseil his entire professional life. Being a native of Web3, he has a solid foundation in all the areas of communication and is an authority on the metaverse. With a focus on deep Web3 expertise in both blockchain use cases, including NFTs, smart contracts, and decentralized applications, as well as metaverse technologies like VR/AR and artificial intelligence, the appointment of Leon builds on the extensive set of existing capabilities, skill sets, and talent that currently resides within Publicis Groupe. When Leon was unveiled at Viva Tech, the Publicis-sponsored technology expo in Paris, he was ready to answer audience queries about the metaverse and help them with their Web 3.0 problems. The interface will have a personal LinkedIn page, where he can always answer additional questions on the subject and provide assistance to staff members of the advertising group. Chairman-CEO Arthur Sadoun believes that a metaverse is a place where everyone may learn in the present. It necessitates questioning, instruction, and exploration. They are dedicated to accompanying the clients on this journey, assisting them in understanding what it means for their company, and bringing them Groupe’s current Web3 capabilities in the areas of data, media, and technology. As an avatar, Leon represents that and will guide the clients through this new channel and help them advance at every turn. Taking queries about the Metaverse and responding to them will be among Leon’s duties. The company’s mascot may appear at first to be a novelty item, but because of the numerous knowledgeable individuals that supply Leon with information from behind the scenes, the AI avatar gives clients or customers access to actual information and insight into the company’s Metaverse developments. Leon is a more welcoming, friendly, and pleasant doorway to Metaverse data. Avatars may be used by HR teams in the future. One of the main goals of Metaverse technology is to make information more easily accessible.

The metaverse is a limitless, uncharted landscape that can be imaginatively explored. We must explore and learn as we go if we are to innovate effectively. Leon’s goal is to inspire all of us to be courageous and forward-thinking since the sooner we act, the further we may advance.

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