Why is Google Putting an End to its Cloud Gaming Platform


After operating for nearly three years, Google will discontinue the cloud gaming platform in January of the next year.

The most recent Google product to be discontinued is Stadia. Google’s Stadia gaming technology enables you to instantly play video games on compatible TVs that you already possess. Direct game streaming to your preferred compatible devices is possible. In November, the business plans to discontinue its texting programme, Hangouts. Additionally, Google’s subsidiary YouTube declared in January that it would discontinue producing original material. Almost three years after its debut and roughly 18 months after the firm shut down its internal game production division, Google is ending its Stadia cloud gaming service.

The platform “hasn’t acquired the traction with users that we expected thus we’ve made the difficult choice to begin shutting down our Stadia streaming service,” Stadia CEO Phil Harrison wrote in a blog post. After launching over three years ago and shuttering its own game production team about 18 months ago, Google is now ending its Stadia cloud gaming service. Chief executive of Stadia Phil Harrison wrote in a blog post that the gpobal service “hasn’t acquired the traction with consumers that we expected thus we’ve made the difficult choice to begin winding down our Stadia  service.” Harrison stated that the business planned to reimburse all Stadia purchases by the end of January, including Chromecast bundles and Stadia controller hardware sales made through the Google Store. The blog post states that the gaming service will stop working after January 18, 2023. Harrison said that Google still has gaming ambitions and plans to use the technology lessons it has learned in other areas. He wrote: “We see clear potential to leverage this technology across other aspects of Google like YouTube, Google Play, and our Augmented Reality (AR) projects — as well as make it available to our industry partners, which coincides with where we see the future of gaming headed. “We continue to have a strong commitment to the game industry and its users, and we will invest in new tools, technologies, and platforms that support the growth of creators, partners in the sector, and cloud users.” Although Google Stadia was definitely the forerunner of cloud gaming, it was never quite able to displace the greatest gaming PC. However, its foundation won’t be lost. The specialised streaming platform as we know it will no longer exist, but Google claims the underlying technology will be utilised to improve services like YouTube and Google Play as the company pushes further into augmented reality (AR) and will still be accessible to partners. This action shouldn’t come as a surprise given that Google shut down its first-party game studios last year and that exclusive games have already appeared on Steam. It’s unfortunate to see such a significant player exit the market at a time when platforms like Xbox Game Pass are flourishing, Logitech and Tencent are entering the market with their own products, Razer isn’t far behind, and Logitech is. Nvidia informed us that it views Google Stadia as a lesson-learned project and has worked hard to prevent the same issues from being made with GeForce Now. Due to its reliance on internet, which is at best unreliable in most places, cloud gaming is still some distance from being a buffer-free mobile experience. However, if you have home broadband, the Nvidia GeForce Now RTX 3080 subscþription is an excellent Google Stadia substitute.

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, has launched a “Simplicity Sprint” in an effort to increase operational effectiveness and reduce wasteful spending in the face of growing inflation and worries about economic instability in the market. In addition to cancelling unneeded business travel, the corporation recently reduced financing and job opportunities at Area 120, its internal digital incubator.

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