Top Women-led AI and Automation Startups and Ventures


Empowering innovation with these top women-led AI and automation startups and ventures

In the fast-evolving world of technology, women leaders are making their mark in AI and automation, spearheading innovative startups and ventures revolutionizing industries. These trailblazing women are breaking barriers and driving impactful change with their cutting-edge solutions. This article highlights the top women-led AI and automation startups and ventures, celebrating their achievements and contributions to the tech landscape.

1. OpenAI:

Founded by Sam Altman and led by CEO Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI is a research organization aiming to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Greg Brockman is instrumental in shaping the company’s vision.

2. UiPath:

Co-founded by CEO Daniel Dines and Chief Product Officer (CPO) Marius Tirca, UiPath is a leading automation software company. Mariya Hoychyshyn, Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering, is crucial in driving product innovation.

3. Nauto:

Led by CEO Jennifer Haroon, Nauto is a safety and efficiency platform for commercial fleets that uses AI and automation to improve driving behaviors and reduce accidents.

4. Appen:

Under the leadership of CEO Mark Brayan, Appen is an AI data annotation and collection company. Danya Dixon, Vice President of Product, is key in driving product strategy and development.

5. Landing AI:

Co-founded by Dr. Andrew Ng, Landing AI focuses on empowering companies to deploy AI and automation effectively. Dr. Lucy Yu, Chief Data Scientist, brings her AI and machine learning expertise to the company’s projects.


Founder and CEO Sri Ambati leads, an AI platform that enables organizations to build and deploy machine learning models. Bindu Reddy, Co-founder and CEO of Reality Engines (acquired by is a prominent figure in the AI community.

7. Aible:

Aible’s AI-powered platform is led by CEO Arijit Sengupta, dedicated to democratizing AI for businesses. Dr. Aida Mehonic, Chief Science Officer, contributes her AI research and development expertise.

8. CloudMinds:

Bill Huang, the founder, and CEO of CloudMinds, focuses on cloud intelligence for robots. Dr. Jingao Wang, Chief Scientist, and Executive Vice President, is renowned for her work in cloud robotics.

9. DataRobot:

Co-founded by CEO Jeremy Achin, DataRobot offers an enterprise AI platform for automated machine learning. Sejin Kim, Chief Business Officer, is significant in driving business growth and expansion.

10.  UiSeer:

Led by CEO Emma Xie, UiSeer develops AI-driven visual search technology for the retail industry. Emma’s passion for empowering businesses with AI solutions drives the company’s innovation.

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