Top 10 Retail Stocks That Remain Unaffected Despite the Inflation

Top 10 Retail Stocks That Remain Unaffected Despite the Inflation

The top 10 retail stocks that are unaffected by inflation make it easier for an investor to access lucrative businesses.

Despite the burden of inflation, researchers predict that the Indian retail industry would experience increased earnings growth as consumer confidence and discretionary spending recover from the Covid-19 outbreak. FMCG, clothes, footwear, and consumer electronics are all segments of the retail industry. India is ranked second worldwide in terms of retail industry development. We present a ranking of the best stocks to buy in the retail sector in this article.

  1. Avenue Supermarts Ltd.- On the list of the top supermarket stocks in India, Avenue Supermarts Ltd. comes in the first place. It is a retailer that owns and manages various chains of supermarkets. Avenue Supermarts has a market cap of Rs. 2,70,309 crores and is a large-cap company. Its shares trade at a high market price of roughly Rs. 4193.
  2. Trent Ltd. – Trent belongs to the renowned Tata Group. Westside, Landmark, and Star Bazaar are three of the company’s principal retail brands. India is home to more than 50 Star Bazaar locations. The Company operates more than 400 stores under all of its brands. The company brings in Rs 2174 crores a year in income. The market value of Trent is Rs. 37,658 crores. It trades at about Rs.1054 per share.
  3. Aditya Birla Fashion- Several prestigious fashion labels are housed under the company. It has 3212 stores totaling 8.4 million square feet scattered throughout 850 locations. The company’s brands include several others in addition to Louis Phillipe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Peter England, and Forever 21. It makes about 6000 crore rupees a year in revenue. The market capitalization of Aditya Birla Fashion is Rs. 25,327 crores. Its share price in retail is roughly Rs. 269 per share.
  4. Bata India- There are four factories there. It provides shoes through these to 1526 retail establishments. Its outlets occupy 2.98 million square feet of retail space. It generates gross annual revenue of Rs. 1707 crores by selling more than 31 million pairs of shoes each year. Hush Puppies, Bubble Gummers, North Star, Power, and Marie Claire are just a few of the Bata brands. The market value of Bata India is Rs. 24,083 crores. It trades at a price per retail share of about Rs. 1867.
  5. Metro Brands – Metro, Mochi, Walkway, and Crocs are some of the company’s brand names. It brings in about Rs. 1000 crores a year in revenue, with a net profit of Rs. 75 crores. The market value of Metro Brands is Rs. 14,793 crores. Its share price at retail outlets is about Rs. 543.
  6. IndiaMart Intermesh- More than 72 million products are listed on it. It links over 125 million buyers with over 6.5 million providers. The company generates more than 756 Mn in revenue per year. It generates a substantial 312 crores in net profit. The market capitalization of IndiaMart Intermesh is Rs. 14,781 crores. The share price of its retail businesses is high and trades at about Rs. 4822.
  7. V Mart Retail- With 279 outlets, the Company’s operations are dispersed across 189 cities. The company generates more than Rs. 1000 crores in annual revenue and more than Rs. 200 crores in profit. Market capitalization for V Mart Retail is Rs. 6824 crores.
  8. Vaibhav Global- Despite having its base in India, primarily conducts business abroad. It markets its goods mostly in the US and UK through home shopping channels. In Fortune India’s next 500 rankings, the Company has climbed to position 65. It has a net profit of over Rs. 272 crores and more than Rs. 2500 crores in assets.
  9. Go Fashion (India) – From churidars and jeans to slacks and jeggings, everything is part of its product portfolio. The company generates close to Rs 300 crores in sales each year. Go Fashion’s market capitalization is Rs. 4990 crores. Its share price, which is currently trading at roughly Rs.923, is fair.
  10. Shoppers Stop- The company operates 11 home top stores, 127 beauty stores, 29 crossword puzzle businesses, and 84 department stores. More than 800 consumer brands are present there. With more than 70 million views, it has a quite popular website. It brings in Rs. 2142 crores a year in revenue. Market capitalization for the company is Rs. 3695 crores. Its stock trades for about Rs. 336.

India aims to overtake China as the third-largest consumer economy in the world. By 2025, they will total 27.95 lakh crores. International retailers are also swarming to India for their sourcing needs. Due to its sizable young adult consumer base, rising disposable income, and loosened FDI regulations, India has developed into a desirable market for fashion retailers.

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