Top 10 India’s Young Entrepreneurs to Look out for in 2022!

Top 10 India’s Young Entrepreneurs to Look out for in 2022!

Here are India Top 10 most Inspiring young Entrepreneurs for 2022.

Entrepreneurship is a lucrative career path. Entrepreneurs are those who take risks, work hard, fail a lot, and then succeed after learning from their mistakes. Today, we’d like to introduce you to some of India’s risk-taking young entrepreneurs, who have boosted the country’s economy through their hard work and perseverance.

These young entrepreneurs, who come from a variety of backgrounds, started from the ground up and have since become household names in their respective industries.

1. Praveen Maurya – Founder, Squadrans Security Services

Squadrans Security Services is a leading security company with a team of well-trained professional workers dedicated to providing quality guarding and ward services. The company is dedicated to redefining standards and providing high-quality professional services to its clients. The company works hard to live up to the slogan “YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY.”

2. Naseema Arewale- Founder and Director of Jogan Naari

Naseema Arewale, a young entrepreneur, property developer by trade, and fashion enthusiast at heart, founded Jogan Naari in 2022. The company specializes in clothing and accessories and has customers in India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. The organization currently has 25 members, including artisans, operation, execution, sales, and marketing teams. The mission of the company is to create something extraordinary with the help of Indian tradition by fusing multiple cultures for our New-Age Naari.

3. Shammi Akhtar – Founder & Trainer of Phonics Readership

Shammi has developed her own method of teaching synthetic phonics to children based on the MI and OG approaches. Her approach to teaching spelling rules is distinctive and stands out in the phonics industry. She is a member of the International Council of Graphologists and is also known as a Handwriting Analyst and Grapho Therapist.

4. C.A. (DR.) Shankar Ghansahamdas Andani – M/S. Saai and Company & Taxation, Finance Advisor, and Corporate Consultant

CA Shankar Ghansahamdas Andani works as a chartered accountant and has his registered office in Ahmednagar. M/S. SAAI AND COMPANY fall under RBI Empanelled “Category “I,” demonstrating its excellence and authenticity. The State Level Cooperative Department has also appointed the company to “Category A-1.” He has been appointed as income tax and GST consultant of Shree Sai Baba Sansthan Trust Shirdi for the last 15 years due to his knowledge and quality skills. For the past 16 years, he has served as the Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation’s tax consultant.

5. Vikrant Parashar- founder of Arkastha

Vikrant Parashar, Arkastha’s new generation CEO and Founder, recognized that energy needs could only be met through environmentally friendly solutions. His vision is to increase solar energy usage by providing consumers with the convenience of deliverables through a simple process. Arkastha is adamant about bringing clean, green electricity to India’s rural areas as well as its urban dwellers. Arkastha has distinguished itself from the rest of the solar industry by being the world’s first online solar solution portal.

6. Nimish Shah – Co-Founder of Amber Home

Nimish Shah began his entrepreneurial journey in 2017 when he founded the Partnership firm AMBER HOME, which is registered with the MSME ministry to manufacture All Kinds of Garments & Uniforms for Indian & Global Retail Chain Stores & Brands. The company is a well-known manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of high-quality and quality-approved Garments, with collections spanning men’s wear, women’s wear, night wear, and industrial uniforms. With all of the necessary systems and processes, machinery, and technology, as well as a dedicated team of professionals. In addition, the infrastructure facility is divided into several sections to ensure a trouble-free working environment.

7. Sagar Mondal – founder of SquashCode

Sagar Mondal has over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur and marketing consultant. In 2017, he founded SquashCode, one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the world, with clients from all over the world. He has also been a speaker, judge, and mentor at various colleges such as IIM Indore, VIT Vellore, NIT Durgapur, BITS Pilani, KIIT, Techno India, iLead, and many more.

8. Pronoy Boruah – Managing Director of Xpec Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Er. Pronoy Boruah, Managing Director of Xpec Innovations Pvt. Ltd., has established himself as a Social Media Marketing Strategist who has worked hard enough to leave an impression. He began his career as a Social Media Manager after finishing his engineering as a computer science engineer, and he now owns a company with 24 Team Members and 32 clients across Northeast India.

9. Sanjay Pawah – Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Author of the soon-to-be-released book “Business Tradition To Innovation”, Human Performance Mentor, and Business Pursuit Specialist

Coming from a family business of automobile components, SP “No Quits Man” has also ventured into his transportation business, is working on his food tech startup, and is on his primary mission of impacting 100,000 human lives by 2033 by accelerating their success and assisting them in living with freedom, financial independence, and happiness.

He does not let people give up on their business, relationships, health, or other areas of life because of his ever-constructive approach.

10. Alkansh Pandey – Founder of WRA Global

Alkansh Pandey is a dynamic young entrepreneur who works in the consulting industry full-time. WRA Global was founded by him. The firm assists its clients in accelerating their business growth and works with organizations from a variety of industry sectors to strategically manage their business. It entails comprehending the market dynamics and challenges that the industry faces, conducting extensive research and analysis of the business, and developing a strategy for a better approach. He is the grandson of the Hon’ble Late AICC & Rajya Sabha Member. Meera Tripathi, Smt. He is carrying on the legacy of her maternal grandmother. He is also the president of the Dr. Alka Global Foundation, which works in the fields of healthcare, women’s empowerment, and child development.

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