Top 10 Fashion Companies That are Promoting Genderless Fashion

Top 10 Fashion Companies That are Promoting Genderless Fashion

Ten unisex and gender-neutral clothing companies are leading the way and that you should be following in 2022.

By now, everyone should be aware that anyone may enjoy fashion, regardless of gender. Unisex and genderless clothing has also grown in popularity as more people, including Billy Porter, Harry Styles, Bad Bunny, and Billie Eilish, question society’s pressure to dress conventionally in “masculine” or “feminine” ways.

Here are our top 10 picks for gender-neutral apparel companies that aim to enhance everyone’s appearance and well-being:

  1. TELFAR: You may be familiar with the Black-owned, NYC-based company Telfar thanks to their chic line of handbags, now dubbed the “Bushwick Birkin.” The company has gained recognition for its distinctive partnerships with companies like UGG, Converse, and White Castle as well as for its high-quality, reasonably priced accessories. It has also become well-known in the apparel industry.
  2. WILDFANG: A group of former corporate employees founded Wildfang in a studio apartment in Portland, Oregon. Their goal is to create clothing that defies gender or dated fashion stereotypes, and they have joined Pledge 1 percent to donate to charitable organizations.
  3. TomboyX: A sustainable clothing brand called TomboyX offers unisex underwear for people of all shapes and sizes. The gender-inclusive business uses no hazardous chemicals in the production of any item, even when using water-based techniques.
  4. THE PHOENIX BRAND: This brand not only offers a large assortment of unisex clothing but all of its items are produced from sustainable, plant-based fibers. This fashion brand has also begun working with poet and artist Amber Vittoria of New York City to create unisex designs. The Phoenix Brand has also collaborated with artists like Liv Bishop and Edgar Garcia.
  5. NICOPANDA: With tolerance, diversity, and innovation as his top three goals, Nicola Formichetti established Nicopanda. His designs consistently push the boundaries of fashion and champion the notion that style is for everyone, regardless of culture or gender, and his concepts are gaining popularity: The company has so far partnered with Hello Kitty, MAC, Pepsi, Ariana Grande, Macy’s, THEM, and other well-known figures in pop culture, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.
  6. IJJI: It is a California-based apparel company that has no regard for gender. This cutting-edge business has been emphasizing natural textiles like wool, silk, cupro, and organic cotton since 2016 in order to produce stunning and distinctive shapes. IJJI clothing is made close to the brand’s local studio so that it can routinely inspect production and ethics.
  7. OLDER BROTHER: The company makes mindful clothing with an emphasis on maintaining natural fabrics. The brand is a one-of-a-kind ethical fashion store, from the production of its distinctive colors utilizing hibiscus or sustainable wood bark to detail around sustainable materials. The fashion brand supports “self-definition” and makes clothing that may be worn by everyone.
  8. BODE: One of the newest high-end American designer businesses, Bode was founded by Emily Adams Bode. Bode is adored by fashion experts for its selection of eco-friendly clothing and gender-neutral style since it exclusively utilizes eco-friendly fibers and low-impact colors. Bode is a gender-neutral clothing company at its core, managing to evoke a nostalgic style past using repurposed materials, artisanal methods, and expertly created storytelling.
  9. HUMAN NATION: Russell Wilson and Ciara’s power couple, the House of LR&C, started the business and is the creator and manager of The Human Nation, a community-led apparel line for inclusive bodies and genders. This fashion brand is heavily active in environmental methods in addition to producing clothes that are non-gender specific, ultra-casual, and reasonably priced.
  10. JACQ: An LGBTQ-owned clothing company, is dedicated to advancing a gender-free, inclusive future where everyone may feel at ease and celebrated in the clothes, they wear every day. When you wear a JACQ item, you may genuinely feel like you’re helping to build a brighter future because all of their pieces are ethically and sustainably created from organic materials.

With designers producing styles for various body shapes, such as men’s suits with room for extra curves, hips, chests, and thighs, the market for gender-neutral clothing is now in a league of its own. Most importantly, in static neutrality, genderless clothing need not be devoid of elements that are typically associated with either femininity or masculinity, such as drop crotches, frills, ruffles, and vibrant colors. Enjoy gender-free, unisex, agender, gender fluid, and gender-neutral clothing in your own special way. It’s time to break free and surpass all expectations.

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