Top 10 Emerging Technologies for Enterprises in 2023

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The world is still being disrupted by emerging technologies. If these newer shifts gain traction and intensity, 2023 will see more strategic and revolutionary developments. The tech industry grows at a 5-6% annual rate. Catching emerging technology waves yearly allows you to leverage them to gain a competitive advantage.

While it is difficult to predict how trends will unfold, sunrise technologies appears to be on track. These are gaining traction and showing early promise, and they may be able to assist enterprises in embarking on a journey of innovation and growth. Here are our picks for the top emerging technologies for 2023

1. Digital Immune System

The Digital Immune System combines a number of practices and technologies to make critical applications more bug-resistant. As a result, they will find it easier to recover, maintain their services, manage risks, and maintain business continuity. Businesses that invest in digital immunity, will increase customer satisfaction by reducing downtime by 80%.

2. Applied Observability

Applied Observability is the ability to penetrate deeply into modern distributed systems in order to detect and resolve problems more quickly and automatically. Using applied observability, you can monitor the internal state of a complex system by collecting, comparing, and analyzing a steady stream of data and detecting problems early on.

3. AI TriSM

AI TriSM is an acronym that stands for AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management. It ensures that AI technology accomplishes its goals in a trustworthy, fair, dependable, effective, and secure manner. It also helps to protect the exchanged data, manage governance, protect privacy, and detect anomalies to protect your enterprise’s critical functions.

4. Industry cloud platforms

Companies can increase the agility with which they manage their workloads by utilizing Industry cloud platforms. Changes in business processes, data interrogation, and compliance procedures can also be accelerated. They combine platform, software, and Infrastructure as a service to improve adaptability, shorten time to value and meet the needs of vertical industry segments.

5. Platform Engineering

Platform engineering enhances the developer experience and boosts productivity by leveraging automation and self-service capabilities to accelerate app delivery and foster better collaboration between operators and software developers. It aims to modernize enterprise software delivery by utilizing reusable tools and capabilities.

6. Wireless-value realization

Next-generation wireless will not only improve connectivity, but will also aid in the optimization of processes for increased reliability, lower costs, fewer risks, and increased productivity. Different wireless technologies will coexist on a single infrastructure and leverage capabilities to make the transition to digital transformation more seamless.

7. Superapps

It is an all-in-one and versatile app that can replace the numerous apps in your personal or professional life. According to Gartner, super apps will be used by more than half of the world’s population on a daily basis. These Superapps could even include mini-apps that serve as add-ons and provide benefits in addition to the existing capabilities.

8. Metaverse and Web3

Metaverse and Web 3.0 are all poised to add a new dimension to interactions and everyday experiences. AR, AI, VR, ML, IoT, and Blockchain will combine to create a connected, secure, and immersive virtual world in which avatars will begin to have a significant impact on our personal and commercial lives. The Metaverse creates a “Second World” and expands business opportunities to connect with customers.

9. Quantum Computing

Another emerging technology that will catapult business operations and industry value chains to new heights is quantum computing. According to McKinsey, quantum computing has the potential to be worth nearly $700 billion by 2035. Quantum computing has the potential to accelerate technologies, accelerate drug research, and crack encryption more easily.

10. Trust with Blockchain

In 2023, blockchain will gain traction as a trust-building technology. Blockchain’s pillars of trustworthiness include encryption, privacy, community control, immutability, traceability, and decentralization. The ability to validate improves security, reduces costs, increases speed, and boosts confidence. Blockchain eliminates middlemen and creates a single, secure path to the end goal.

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