Top 10 Black-Owned Tech Companies to Watch in 2023


Exciting Growth Ahead: 10 Black-owned tech companies to keep an eye on in 2023

The tech industry is constantly evolving, and several black-owned tech companies are making waves and gaining recognition for their innovation and success. This article will highlight the top 10 black-owned tech companies to watch in 2023. These companies are at the forefront of technology and have the potential to make a significant impact in their respective industries.

1. Walker & Co. Brands:

This consumer goods company, founded by Tristan Walker, focuses on developing health and beauty products for people of color. With their flagship brand, Bevel, providing grooming solutions, Walker & Co. Brands are revolutionizing the personal care industry.

2. Blavity:

Blavity is a media and technology company founded by Morgan DeBaun, delivering content and experiences to the black millennial audience. Their platforms, including Blavity News and AfroTech, allow black voices and perspectives to be heard.

3. Uncharted Power:

Jessica O. Matthews founded Uncharted Power, a renewable energy technology company. They specialize in creating sustainable solutions, such as innovative energy-generating floor tiles and other infrastructure technologies.


LISNR, founded by Rodney Williams, is a data-over-audio technology company that enables seamless and secure communication between devices. Their ultrasonic audio technology is used in various industries, including mobile payments and access control.

5. Mayvenn:

This e-commerce platform, founded by Diishan Imira, connects hairstylists with clients seeking quality hair extensions. Mayvenn’s innovative approach disrupts the traditional supply chain, empowering hairstylists and creating economic opportunities.

6. Andela:

Andela, founded by Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, is a global talent network that trains and connects African software developers with companies worldwide. They are bridging the talent gap in the tech industry while promoting diversity and inclusion.

7. Code2040:

Code2040, co-founded by Laura Weidman Powers, is a nonprofit organization focused on increasing the representation of Black and Latinx individuals in the tech industry. Through various programs, they provide resources, mentorship, and opportunities for underrepresented talent.

8. Airfordable:

Airfordable, founded by Ama Marfo, offers an innovative solution to make travel more affordable. Their platform allows users to book and pay for flights in installments, making travel accessible to a broader audience.

9. Afrotech Farms:

Afrotech Farms, founded by Yemi Adewunmi, is a pioneering agricultural technology company. They specialize in vertical farming techniques, using innovative solutions to grow fresh produce in urban environments. Their sustainable approach to farming aims to address food security challenges while promoting environmental sustainability.

10. Opus12:

Opus12, co-founded by Etosha Cave, Kendra Kuhl, and Nicholas Flanders, is a clean energy company focused on converting carbon dioxide emissions into valuable chemicals and fuels. Their technology has the potential to combat climate change while creating a sustainable future.

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