Elon Musk Sets a Deadline for Twitter Legacy Blue Checks


Elon Musk demands Twitter legacy blue checks to be removed by June 2023

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, has set a deadline for Twitter to remove the “legacy” blue checks from users who no longer meet the new verification criteria. Musk has been an outspoken critic of Twitter’s verification system; he announced that he would be deleting his Twitter account unless the company made changes.

Now, he’s given Twitter until June 2023 to remove the “legacy” blue checks. The “legacy” blue checks were initially given to verified accounts before Twitter updated its verification criteria. Under the new criteria, accounts must meet certain qualifications, such as being “complete” and “active,” to receive the blue checkmark. However, some accounts that were verified under the old system were allowed to keep their blue checkmark, despite no longer meeting the new criteria. Musk’s demand for the removal of these “legacy” blue checks has caused controversy on Twitter. Some users argue that the blue checkmark is a status symbol that should be preserved, while others agree with Musk that the system is flawed and needs to be updated.

Twitter has not yet responded to Musk’s deadline, but the company may make changes to its verification system before June 2023 to avoid losing high-profile users like Musk. In the meantime, Twitter users who are currently verified with the “legacy” blue checks should be aware that they may lose their verification status in the coming months. One potential solution for Twitter would be to create a new type of verification badge for users who were verified under the old system but no longer meet the new criteria. This could help to preserve the status symbol of the blue checkmark while also ensuring that accounts are verified based on the same standards.

Overall, Musk’s demand for the removal of “legacy” blue checks highlights the ongoing debate over Twitter’s verification system. As social media continues to play an increasingly important role in public discourse, platforms like Twitter need to have a transparent and fair verification process that accurately represents the voices and opinions of its users.

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